Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Give us a break

a tax break that is! The Borough Council introduced the Municipal budget on March 21, 2007. The INCREASE is $1,319,682.00. Ordinance 07-07 to Exceed the Municipal Budget Appropriations Limits for 2007 and establish a cap bank. Does anyone get it? The Budget hasn't even been passed and already we know the amount of the increase and that increase won't cover the expenses. But don't's going to have a cap!
Mayor Aufseeser claims she became Mayor with a platform of keeping taxes down. Hello---an increase of over $1 million with a cap is not keeping taxes down. Per Councilman Cannon at a Council Meeting, Matawan has to count its pennies. Well it's for damn sure no one is counting the dollars. To the tune of $1,319,682. In April you will get your chance to speak your mind about this Budget. More to follow as to exact date and time.

You say you want more, we'll give you more, re-evaluation hasn't kicked in yet. What is the old adage, "the only things you can't avoid is death and taxes." Perhaps they meant, death by taxation!

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