Monday, March 26, 2007

Come One Come All

Well folks here we are again. Ready for the side show! At the last Council meeting the Council voted to approve the appointment & professional services of McManimon & Scotland, LLC as Redevelopment Counsel. Councilwoman Buragina & Councilman Buccelotto voted against, the Mayor casted the deciding vote, thereby passing it. Now here is the sideshow part, Councilmen Cannon & Mullaney were told to abstain from the vote, which they did. Are you ready for this.....Mike Cannon is the Chairman of the Redevelopment Committee and Bud Mullaney is on the Redevelopment Committee. Question---Who votes to approve payments to these attorneys....let's guess....that's right Mike Cannon, Chairman...Bud Mullaney as member???? Or will they abstain from voting to approve the invoices for professional services? That does make them ineffective. In the alternative, do you want the same person (Mike Cannon, et al) approving the invoices who was represented by the firm of McManimon & Scotland, LLC., in the lawsuit to get on the democratic ballot, though he was ineligible? If they abstain, do they also abstain from making any phone calls or discussions with the new attorneys, that could also increase the invoices. Come on, I WAS BORN AT NIGHT, BUT NOT LAST NIGHT! Ah yes folks there is something rotten in Matawan!

As you may or may not know, Silver Oaks(Developer for Aberdeen) is appealing the decision made by the Superior Court regarding the Redevelopment project in Matawan. That wasn't very friendly of Aberdeen's Developer, was it? There was a generic response to the appeal. Silver Oaks doesn't have to show cause in actual terms until they get before a Judge. This does prevent Matawan from moving forward for at least 9 months. Don't you just love the legal system! Why do we need a New Redevelopment attorney, why do we need to pay any attorney, when in fact nothing can be done for at least 9 months? Every time an attorney is called the cash register rings, time is money. As these new attorneys do not know the background of the previous Transit Village it will cost us taxpayers to bring them up to speed. Will we be paying the former attorneys and the new attorneys at the same time? This also applies to the new Planner. Who is fronting the monies for Silver Oaks to appeal such a comprehensive decision by the Judge in Superior Court and why? Who will be paying for attorneys to represent Matawan...could be out of your tax dollars.

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