Thursday, August 27, 2009

WILLIAM H. SUTPHIN Born: 8-30-1887 Died: 10-14-87

Matawan's Grave Robber - William H. Sutphin was Mayor of Matawan from 1915-1916 and 1921-1926. He was a professional politician and a respected Mayor of Matawan as per Wikipedia. The man DIED in 1972. The reason for this little bit of history is an anonymous person, claiming to be "Bill" Sutphin is using his name to pen disparaging, perhaps libellous remarks on a blog. This person is contacting this Blog and expects us to publish his comments. First of all, this is not a forum for vicious untrue remarks. If this person is concerned with Matawan's best interests he/she would delve into matters that would improve the Borough.

There are various reasons people wish to remain anonymous. People who don't want their neighbors, family, friends, etc. to know their thoughts or opinions. Good, non-vindictive reasons. We can respect their wishes. What we can't respect is someone who uses a respected dead Mayor's voice, from the grave, to create a platform for his/her own self interests. That said, whoever is claiming to be William "Bill" Sutphin, please do not contact this blog any longer. We are sure if Mr. Sutphin has any living family members they do not want his name besmirched in such a self-serving manner. This is not what this man represented to the people of Matawan. The right thing is to let a man who prided himself on civic responsibility to be allowed to rest in peace.


Anonymous said...

You should do, at least a "minimum" amount of research before you say that someone is "Grave Robbing". A simple Google Search of William H. Sutfin will result in a minimum of four William H. Sutfins in different areas of the country including... my Great Grandfather William H. Sutfin who passed away in Joliet IL in 1911.
We Sutfins (a Dutch name that was originally spelled Van Zutphen but pronounced Van Sut Fin)have been in North America since 1654. Our ancestor Dirck Van Zutphen lived in New Amsterdam and Breukellen (Brooklyn) not too many years after Manhatten was purchased from the Indians.
George Washington fought his Battle of Monmouth on one of our family farms (Dirck Sutfin's farm). Molly Pitcher fired her canon in to our apple orchard that day, Rutgers is built on another of the Sutphen Farms, and there were many Williams in the Sutfin family over the last 300 years.
So, to keep this long story at least a little short... I hope that my cousin "Bill" Sutfin, continues to post on this blog, and that you do at least a minimum amount of research before you type or speak again.
I'll bet you believe there are going to be Death Panels too.

matawan advocate said...

Anonymous, the person a.k.a. Bill Sutphin, is referring to himself/herself as the former Mayor of Matawan. We will not publish the comments of this person(s)as they were UNTRUE. That is the long and short of it.

If in fact your "cousin" Bill Sutfin, as they referred to themselves, is contacting the M.A.,he is doing so from the grave! Remember, "the truth will set you free." It doesn't bring the dead back to life!

Thanks for writing in. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

Lets see...

-Fancies himself a Matawan historian
-sarcastic and snide tone
-from his death panel quote, clearly a Democrat

I'll take Jim Shea for $500 Alex!

matawan advocate said...

Anonymous 2, Now that is funny. Thanks for the humor.

Anonymous said...

Jim Shea? No way you. You need a IQ slightly higher than a tire salesman to use the Internet.