Sunday, August 16, 2009

Whatever Happened to Sharkfest? What happed to the Fund?

We have been contacted by many people asking about SharkFest. Well, word is there will be no Sharkfest this year and it doesn't sound like any plans are being made for the future. One reader is legitimately concerned about his donation to the Memorial to the victims of the shark attack, asking where his money went. To date no person connected with the Matawan Alliance has come forward to be accountable for the donations. Frankly, Mary Mullaney is the only person who is a "supposed" liaison. Well at least questions are fielded through her.

Now we have long been curious, to say the least, about how much money is in this Memorial Fund. The person who was connected with a Main St Banking office does not appear to be with the local bank any longer. Even when she was she claimed she didn't know where the books were located. Pretty ridiculous to us, but hey we always thought when you accept public money you were held accountable. Guess NOT! There are some who are not concerned about where this money is or how much has been collected. Maybe they are part of the "elitist" group, well, most of us "suckers" are not. We donated money for a cause and deserve to know what happened to that money. If we recall correctly, there is a guy in jail right now, Bernie something???, who also thought he didn't have to be accountable to others. Need we say more.

Further digging is require on this situation. Don't bother to ask Councilman Mullaney, as he claimed previously to know nothing about the Matawan Alliance's dealings. Interestingly enough, his wife, Mary has acted as a "supposed liaison" to the Matawan Alliance.

Dig we must!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Another poor example of the way in which this town is run. Sharkfest would seem to be a great way to create interest in the town as well as way to raise money for the victims and the town yet it turns into a scandal.

Why not create a park near the creek or the lake with some sort of memorial or mueseum about the events? Anything that would get rid of that that 7 eleven! Talk about an eyesore on this town.

I've never understood why the town doesn't do more with the lake or the creek. A park, a dock, rent canoes, kayaks, etc. Having those natural landmarks on your main street should be featured not hidden like the creek is or destroyed by putting up 7 elevens and quickcheks next to them.

matawan advocate said...

Matawan should be taking the higher ground when it comes to NJ corruption. However, when you have politicians who are in it for their own enrichment and will go to the extent of hiring attorneys to solidify their positions, well that is how NJ got its reputation as the "biggest little corrupt state." It is apparent the Mayor's plan to provide Matawan with a Code of Ethics has met with strong opposition from the two Council members who are currently doing business with the Borough. Hmmmm! Sorry but this lack of ethics is a sore on the butt of Matawan.

Matawan does have canoe rentals. This program is run by the Recreation Commission. We do agree much more can be done to beautify Matawan. There are many volunteers who work diligently and with no reward other than community service in Matawan doing a great job. Why not encourage residents to join? We cannot expect tax dollars to do all the work necessary to beautify Matawan, without seeing an increase in taxes.

Thanks for your comments.

matawan advocate said...

Time to clear the air. A question was asked regarding the Mayor hiring an outside consulting firm as business administrator. A gentleman a.k.a. bill stuphin deserves an answer. Bill, first of all the Mayor does not vote. The Borough Council voted on hiring Bill Garofolo on a part time basis with no benefits. Mr. Garofolo has shown himself to be a very competent Administrator and is helping to get Matawan out of the financial, disorganized mess of the last three years. Perhaps if you utilized your energies for the good of the Borough, instead of cheap attempts to discredit the Mayor your efforts would show some positive results. Before making statements check your facts. If you want to dig into something, our readers would like to know where the money from Sharkfest is located, how much is in the Fund and why has no one is being held accountable.

Thanks for writing in. In the future, please provide correct information if you wish to be taken seriously.

Anonymous said...

Matawan Advocate, I agree! If a politician, who is supposed to be working for the good of the people he represents, can, in good conscience hire an attorney to solidify their position, then they are putting their personal interests above the interest of those they represent and all voters should be made aware when election time comes around. It is quite shameful to act in a manner such as this.