Thursday, September 3, 2009

Borough Council Meeting/Workshop 9-9-09

As we sat in the audience the night of the Borough Council Workshop meeting, we were astounded to hear several statements coming from both the dais and the floor at the Open Public portion of this meeting. The usual Borough business was reviewed without incident. An amended Budget was passed. Still pending is the Final Budget. We believe more cuts will have to be made and trust the Council will work diligently to do so.

Then, Mary Mullaney, wife of Joseph "Buddy" Mullaney, sitting Councilman, stepped up and in what appeared to be a planned speech, commenced chastising Councilman Joe Urbano for not acknowledging the great job the Matawan Police Dept. did on Matawan's Annual Night Out. Mrs. Mullaney was informed it was an oversight on the part of Councilman Urbano, not intentional. We all are aware of the fine job Matawan Police perform, not only on the Annual Night Out but every day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. What we found appalling is that Mrs. Mullaney is aware that Councilman Urbano recently suffered a personal tragedy when both of his parents, two aunts and an uncle were all killed in a horrific automobile accident this Summer. Don't you think Mrs. Mullaney, you could have chosen the higher ground? At the very least, as an act of kindness, gotten up and acknowledged the fine job done by Matawan's P.D. (without taking cheap shots at a Councilman who suffered such a great loss) and patted the P.D. on the back for a job well done? We do believe it was an oversight by Councilman Urbano. We do suspect there was malicious intent on Mary Mullaney's part. Shame, shame, shame on you Mrs. Mullaney! If this is the way you intend on getting votes for your husband, you are doing a disservice to Matawan.

All of this was done by Mrs. Mullaney while noting the Matawan Alliance had participated in the Annual Night Out. This begs the question, since Mrs. Mullaney openly admitted an association with the Matawan Alliance, maybe she could let us all know how much money was collected for the alleged Memorial Fund for the poor Shark Attack victims? When is this monument going to be built? Public donations and public tax dollars were donated to the Matawan Alliance and people are asking, "where did their money go" and "why are the books not available to the public"? Or do we need a "secret decoder ring" to gain access to the books?

Oops, we did say there was two statements made that night didn't we? Well, Mayor Buccellato, who has been the victim of a smear campaign by his adversaries (guess who?) decided to enlighten the audience on the scope of the Executive Sessions. These Sessions are closed to the public and done for the benefit of all members. From what we gathered, the Readers Digest condensed version, person(s) who participate in these Sessions have been leaking out information to the public and jeopardizing the confidentiality of these sessions, oh, and more importantly, VIOLATING THE LAW! Plain and simple leaking out information said during these meetings is placing its members at risk. If the members cannot discuss freely amongst themselves varying positions and ideas, progress will be impeded and members could be sanctioned.

We have at times disagreed with the Mayor and Borough Council. Still would like to see more done by the Council majority. Main Street, Renovating the Police Dept. Building, the Dams, Redevelopment, etc. are just a few of the issues we would like to see some progress on when financially feasible.

Overall, in the 2 1/2 years Councilman Joseph "Buddy" Mullaney has been in office, what has he done to reduce or curb spending? What has he done in terms of promoting transparency in government? Or is it transparency is fine with him, as long as it doesn't interfere with his own self interests? Perhaps less attacking of your fellow Council members and more working together to improve Matawan should be his agenda.

As we have said in the past, perhaps not enough, we want to see our Council work together for the common good. Once elected, political parties, must be put aside and they must remember who they are working for, you and I! Yes, we know election time is near and yes, the games have begun. Being optimists, we'd like to see more emphasis on "working for the Borough."

Hope to see you at the next meeting......


Anonymous said...

I don't understand why the main street redevelopment isn't a standing topic to discuss at these meetings.

Any idea if they're doing anything in this regard? Didn't these people run for this council by saying they're were going to improve main street and get the transit village moving? Yet they don't even discuss it and we certainly haven't seen any movement or improvements on main street in some time.

matawan advocate said...

If we have learned anything through our observations, it is that government moves slow. It reminds us of the old Abbott and Costello movie, where he says, "slooooowly I turn." Slowly the wheels of government turn.

The Planning/Zoning Board, members of the council, and the Historic Sites Commission are working on a new sign ordinance. We cannot move forward unless we take small steps to achieve the goals we want to see on Main St. There must be a plan and the first step is the sign ordinance. We would like to see them move forward with the sign ordinance as it has been dragging on long enough. The Train Station is another area we feel is moving too slow. However, the economy is driving this one for now.

Have you not seen the wonderful job done by the Recreation Commission along with many volunteers, who planted flowers and cleaned up Main St this Spring? We should be asking ourselves, "what have we done to beautify Matawan?" We all have a vested interest in seeing Matawan florish. Once again, we encourage you to come to a Borough Council or Planning/Zoning Board meeting and let your concerns be addressed. Let your elected officials know you want to see them working together to achieve goals Matawan needs to attain in order to prosper. No more back biting, no more blaming the other party, no more "who shot John," roll up your sleeves and WORK TOGETHER. If necessary, remind them election time is right around the corner and the residents expect their elected officials to be working for the best interests of Matawan and not their own personal interests.

Sorry for the long winded reply.

Anonymous said...

Dear Advocate,

Saturday 9/12/09 is Matawan Day at Terhune Park, a great way for residents to come out and support the community, meet your neighbors, and see some great entertainment. This year Matawan Day will feature critically acclaimed singer songwriter Beth Arentsen, perfomances by the winners of Matawan Idol, a gospel choir, and a DJ. There will be food, rides for the kids, and much more. Come out and enjoy the day!