Monday, December 15, 2008


Have you ever experience hunger? Not the kind caused by being late for dinner, but the kind by opening the pantry or refrigerator and seeing nothing to eat. Well, this is what our FoodBanks in NJ are experiencing. Imagine a child waking up and not having anything to eat. Imagine the heartache a parent has when they are not able to feed their children.

We who are blessed and never had that experience should lend a helping hand. If everyone in Matawan alone made a donation of a box of cereal, a can of food, or a monetary donation to the FoodBank of New Jersey we could possibly stamp out hunger. Why not purchase an extra can of food every time you do your food shopping?

Donation sites in Matawan can be made at the Matawan Aberdeen Library, Matawan Police Department, Shop Rite and Stop'n'Shop.

For more information please call 908 355-FOOD or through the website

Let's see to it that this Holiday Season....THIS BANK DOESN'T FAIL!

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