Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Matawan Borough Council Mtg 12/16 @ 7:30pm

Tonight is the last Borough Council meeting of the year. It will be interesting to see just how the majority Council pulls the final card trick on Matawan. How will they be remembered.....as the Democratic majority that had an increasing deficit two years in a row, having Councilmen defy the legal opinion of the Borough Attorney or bonding additional funds for the Road Program in lieu of utilizing leftover monies from previous years?

A story in a local publication reported Matawan only had to bond for $700,000 for the Road Program per Councilman Michael Cannon. If bonding is necessary why didn't the Council bond to improve the Heating/AC at 150 Main St. Why wasn't the health and welfare of our employees at 150 Main St considered before adding on to the Road Program. It cannot be denied they were aware of the problems, they chose what they thought would get votes. We could have bonded to make repairs at 150 Main St with that $700,000. and still continued with the original 2008 Road Program. But that wasn't grand enough. Now we residents will pay the price in taxation. They are certainly leaving Matawan Borough much poorer than when they came into office. The 2009 Borough Council will have a difficult time in getting Matawan back on track. Our hope is they will stand strong and utilize the expertise of our paid Professionals prior to making any decisions. We wish them luck, the way we see it they are going to need it.

On the Agenda:

Ordinance 08-27 - An Ordinance Adopting a Responsible Contractor Policy in the Borough of Matawan.

Comment: This states that only Contractors who participate in the Apprenticeship Program can bid on Borough projects. It is offensive to all taxpayers as it limits the amount of Contractors who may bid. It is offensive to the good Contractors who have years of experience along with excellent work ethic, BUT do not participate in an Apprenticeship Program. Being a skeptic, we must ask ourselves, why would Councilman Will Malley, on one of his last days in office insist that this Ordinance be passed? Taken from the Elec Reports, Councilmen Malley & Bunyon (both Union members) received a total of $7,500. in campaign contributions from Local Union 400 Pac Fund, Iron Workers Local 66 Pac Fund and last but not least Plumbers & Steamfitters Local Union No. 9. Both Councilmen refused to step down from the dais at the last meeting. In essence they are not fulfilling their responsibility to the residents of Matawan by opposing the advice of the Borough Attorney. What is more important "paying back" the Unions or placing Matawan Borough in jeopardy?

Adieu Councilman Malley and Councilman Bunyon....thanks for the memories...(sic)


Anonymous said...

Looking at the lineup for next year, MA you better hope Fitzsimmons and Urbano are fast learners, because I don't see anyone stepping into Cannon's shoes to take over finance. And after the beating you gave him and his colleagues all year, he would be an idiot to take it again. It will be interesting to see who the new fool will be!

matawan advocate said...

Whomever Chairs the Finance Committee will have access to paid Borough Professionals for guidance. Matawan does have a paid Chief Financial Officer. When the Council doesn't heed the advice of Professionals they do a dis-service to the Borough.

The Finance Chair also heads up Personnel, which failed miserably.

It is our opinion Cannon inherited a nightmare from the previous Chairperson, Meghan Mullaney. Overall, Cannon did a much better job and did try at times to tighten the reigns. We must remember that Council members are not necessarily Professionals and tend to be inexperienced in the Committees they Chair. Thus the purpose of professionals.

There is no doubt the Chairperson of Finance, Personnel, will have a tough job. If and when they act in a manner we think is not in the best interests of Matawan, we will comment.

Thanks for your comments.

Anonymous said...

Dont see anyone stepping into Cannon's shoes?? Are you serious?
How could anyone do any worse?

MA, the spirit of bipartisanship has overcome you...you are getting soft!

matawan advocate said...

Tell me it isn't so....getting soft, not us. Meghan Mullaney did leave us with a $125,000. deficit. Councilman Cannon is ending the year with a deficit of $200,000+. Perhaps you are correct, a much better job implied he decreased the deficit, not increase it. We would be shocked if Cannon is re-appointed to Chair Finance. Matawan needs a lean, mean fighting machine to head up Finance, who will not be afraid to institute cutbacks as needed. Someone who thinks of the greater good and not "politics."

All Borough Dept Heads were asked to cut their Budgets at the beginning of 2008. To their credit they did. Another cutback of 10% was made by all Borough Department Heads at Mayor Buccellato's request. Are Matawan residents ready to see serious cutbacks, only time will tell.

Now see what you have done, you just blew our Holiday Spirit! Aaaaaah Humbug!

Anonymous said...

Cannon gets the blame for the $200,000 deficit, but Meghan's Daddy did the spending. And the CFO and Auditor who Cannon and Buccellato mention numerous times at the meetings get off without even a hint of blame! BiPartisan or not, none of you are looking at the big picture. He couldn't have spent all this money himself, and I never observed anyone up there all year who had any idea about finance. Somewhat unfair, and those who attend the meetings should pay attention to whomever the new one is. They will all be new and green!

matawan advocate said...

Cannon had the right to "just say no" to spending. He did not. He went along with Mullaney in most cases.

To Cannon's credit he did vote against Mullaney when it came to the Girls Softball Field and abstained from the Responsible Contractors Policy. However, he did vote along with the rest of his Democratic cohorts when it came to giving Maser Consulting a $300,000.+ no bid contract.

BUT, all this was last year's news. Let's see what the future holds for the 2009 Borough Council.
We are optimistically hopeful that this Council will utilize the Paid Professionals services when needed.

In any event, we wish the 2009 Matawan Borough Council the best of luck in curbing spending and getting back on track.