Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Matawan Council Meeting Update

The sharks were circling Matawan at last night's Council meeting trying to get a bite of Matawan tax dollars. How could this be, you ask, well let us tell you the events of the frenzy.....

Responsible Contractor Ordinance - A Workshop discussion pertaining to this proposed ordinance was held. The content of the Ordinance limits contractors bidding to only those who participate in Apprenticeship Programs.

Prior to the discussion, Mayor Buccellato spoke about the Borough Attorney's recent correspondence regarding conflicts with Council members. The Council majority after the Borough Attorney reiterated his position voted to ignore him and continue the discussion. Kudos to Councilpersons Cannon and Clifton for voting to uphold the attorney's recommendations. They also stepped down from the dais to avoid any potential conflict with their respective employment or spouses employment. Councilman Mullaney claimed "politics" when Mayor Buccellato requested the Council abide by the advice of the Borough Attorney, James Aaron, Esq., not to continue with this Ordinance. Ironically, Mr. Aaron was Councilman Mullaney and the Democratic Council's choice for Borough Attorney. Politics, we think not. Mr. Aaron is the attorney you chose for the job Mr. Mullaney. Councilmen Malley and Bunyon, both Union members, did not step down. Against James Aaron, Esq., the paid professional Borough Attorney's advice, Councilmen Bunyon, Malley and Mullaney all voted to proceed with this Ordinance. To his credit Councilman Mendes did try to reach a compromise in the wording. If he was true to his word he stated he was trying to get the entire Council to participate in the discussion and eventually the vote. However, Councilman Malley insisted that it stand as written, which would mandate that Contractors participate in the Apprenticeship Program. Councilman Mendes abstained from the vote. Malley, Bunyon and Mullaney (none of whom are attorneys) went against the advice of James Aaron, Borough Attorney, Matawan's paid professional, and voted to have it drawn up by the Attorney for the next Council meeting. It will be presented at the next Borough Council meeting. We will publish this Ordinance once available for your input.

Comment: We have nothing against Unions. However, limiting the pool of Contractors allowed to bid for Matawan projects is questionable. Mandatory restrictions discriminates against experienced Contractors who have chosen not to participate in Apprenticeship Programs.

The government is finally acknowledging we are in a recession. We don't understand why anyone who claims to be looking for the best interests of Matawan would want to limit the bidder pool, potentially increasing the Borough expenditures on a project.

One would have to think that Malley's insistence on this order and the recent results from the the November election has something to do with campaign contributions. We are investigating this further and will report back on this blog. Fact is Malley is a union member. the best interests of be the judge.

Even deceased, famed Oceanographer, Jacques Cousteau, through a fogged face mask, could have seen through this sham. Never under estimate the intelligence of Matawan's residents!

Employee Health Plan - A presentation will be given at the next meeting.

Bonding Ordinances were passed to Bond for the 2008 Road Program along with Improvements to the Water/Sewers. Total amount of bonding was unavailable. Amounts mentioned in the Ordinances were $665,000. and $200,000.

Comments: At the very least the Road Program project should have gone out to bid again, we repeat the RECESSION! Do we really need this work done at this time?

Shared Services - Councilwoman Clifton requested a vote for Matawan to participate in a Waste Management Study at no cost to the Borough. It was passed.

Comments: We look forward to the results of the Study.

Police, Fire & First Aid - Councilman Mendes' report informed residents that there was a shooting in the Clinton Street Park area. A local newspaper blogger commented on this prior to the Councilman's report to the residents. In an ironic twist, the same blogger did not comment on the Responsible Contractor Ordinance, which is their choice. Per Councilman Mendes, Chief Alston is "beefing up" patrols in that area. We think it would require overtime for our Police Department. As reported by Councilman Mullaney, Chief Alston called him and discussed the closing of Clinton Street Park during the investigation. No determination has been made to date pending further discussion with the Chief and Council.

Comments: We are confident everything is being done by our Police Department to keep Matawan safe.

Democrat, Republican or Independent, residents must let the Council know Matawan will not be a place for personal agendas or political pay backs. We urge you to attend the Dec. 14 Borough Council meeting and let your voice be heard as the voters did on Nov. 4, 2008.

Sorry for being so long winded, but it really annoys us when elected officials try to B.S. us.

Hope to see you there.....

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