Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Matawan Voters Have Spoken, We Can't be Bought!

Congratulations to Andy Lopez and Toni Angelini who are Matawan's Councilpersons-elect. Don't know if that is the "politically correct" way of saying it but congrats to you both. We like to mention they ran a clean, financially prudent campaign. They both worked very hard knocking on doors, sharing their visions and listening to yours for Matawan. One of the factors that stuck in our minds, they did not make any false promises for your vote. We were happy to hear they are already setting goals to be responsive to the residents, within financially prudent reason. Now the rest is up to the Borough Council. We trust (boy doesn't that sound like an optimist, we are just so caught up in the moment) the new year will bring a Borough Council that works together for Matawan. You can also trust that if they wander off the path of progress, we will be there to let them and you know.

We are very excited to witness Councilman elect Lopez and Councilwoman elect Angelini join the team already on board to get Matawan through these tough economic times. With a Borough Council that will now share the same vision for Matawan (the vision of the residents)the benefits are endless. We hope this year will bring an end to the extremes of "big" political signs, bandwagons driving through the Borough and place the emphasis on reasonable spending for campaigns. Next election we would like to see less grandiose methods and more small Borough methods. Wouldn't it be great to see a flier come in your mailbox stating this is the only one you will receive, due to the economic conditions facing our residents, donations will be made to a local Foodbank instead. Hey, we warned you we are optimists!

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