Friday, November 6, 2009

Matawan Borough Worshop/Council Meeting

Last night's Council workshop/Regular meeting was uneventful.

Workshop - Fire Department - Needs Assessment - put on hold until next meeting.

Sign Ordinance - Still dragging their feet on this one. The question of the neon signs was discussed to death! Problem is there is already something on the books regarding neon signs. Question is where is enforcement? Council let's get moving on this Ordinance! We would like to see some progress made!

Regular Council Meeting -

Consent Agenda - Approving business license - Prima Donna's Salon.

Always happy to see new businesses in the Borough. Good luck and we wish you many years of prosperity in Matawan.

Payment of Bills - No Council Member or member's family owned businesses were listed for payment.

Councilman Joseph "Bud" Mullaney publicly congratulated Councilman-elect Lopez and Councilwoman-elect Angelini from the dais at last night's meeting. A gentlemanly, gracious act on his part. In attendance at last night meeting was Mr. Paolini, Councilman Mullaney's running mate on the Democratic ticket.

Fun Fact - Did you know that Councilpersons-elect are allowed to sit in at Executive Session of the Borough Council but not allowed to participate? Like the idea as when they are sworn in the future Councilpersons have first hand knowledge of Borough business.

Our vision for this new Council is that they get a move on. Stop dragging your feet on the issues of Main St., Fire Department Assessment, Dams, Transit Village, etc. We will be very interested in what the Mayor and Council's goals for the new year and next five years will be when outlined on New Year's Day.

See you at the next Council meeting......

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