Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Note from this Blogger

Anonymous, 1. nameless; without the real name of the author; as an anonymous pamphlet
2. of unknown name; as an anonymous author
Taken from Webster's Dictionary of the English Language
Recently, for some unknown reason a person wrote to this Blog pushing for this blogger to reveal who they are. Strangely enough they write in anonymously. Now we don't have a problem respecting their request for anonymity. We do have a problem when they wish to deny the rights of our families, when we remain anonymous. The double standard they use is unacceptable and quite frankly speaks volumes of the type of person they are. So to set the record straight....we will not publish any comments questioning who we are, etc. We will continue to comment on events in Matawan Borough. Should this cause you sleepless nights, distress, deep concern, make you break out in hives, then we suggest you read and post comments on other blogs who do not request anonymity.
We thank our loyal readers for letting us share our thoughts and promise to continue to keep commenting on events in Matawan.
Matawan Advocate


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