Monday, July 6, 2009

Noteworthy Meetings In Matawan This Week

Tonight the Planning & Zoning Board meets at 201 Broad Street. Meeting Minutes are published on the Borough site up to May 4, 2009. The Agendas and Meeting Minutes seem to have difficulty being published in a timely fashion.

Tuesday night's Borough Council Workshop/Meetings are scheduled to begin at 6:30pm. Waiting for the Borough Council meeting Agenda and Bill List to be published on the website. For some reason the Bill List doesn't always make it on the website. We would like to see the Borough website brought up to date. It can only be as informative as the data it provides to the residents.

Matawan's Historic Sites meets on Wednesday at 7:30pm, Matawan Borough Community Center, 201 Broad St. Many residents showed an interest in Matawan's Historic Sites during the hearings on the Big Blue House on Main St. Come to the Historic Sites meetings to become involved in Matawan's history.


Anonymous said...

The meeting minutes can not be published from the P/Z Board until they are approved by the Board. Thus, Junes Meeting minutes were just approved on July 7. Now they can be put on the web site. As for the Agenda. It is sent to all members of the Board by the Clerk, on the Wednesday before. If the web site coordinator doesn't publish it on Thursday, it has to wait until Monday. Since you love to judge before you know the facts, there they are!

matawan advocate said...

Thanks for the info. Who's judging? It sounds like you! If anything we have commented previously the Secretary does a good job. Don't think the Mayor would have kept her in the position otherwise.

The fact is for whatever reason, the P&Z agenda and minutes are not always current on the web site. Same goes for the Bill List.

Thanks for sharing the info. We appreciate being enlightened. Any comments on Mullaney's latest actions?

Anonymous said...

Don't hate....appreciate!