Thursday, July 30, 2009

Additional Comments on Borough Council Meeting

A vote was taken regarding the Towing Ordinance for Matawan at this meeting. For whatever reason, Council voted to continue to limit the towing contract to a 2 mile radius. This limits the opportunity for Matawan to get any realistic competitive pricing on its towing contract. Why? The "good ole boy" system seems to be alive and thriving in Matawan. Why do our Council members feel it is a personal attack on other Council Members to consider other quotes from nearby towing companies? This should not be personal but should be what is "cost effective" to the Borough. The only dissenting vote was Councilman Fitzsimmons, Chairperson of Finance. Kudos to Fitzsimmons for standing his ground.


Aberdeener said...

APP article on the vendor ordinance

matawan advocate said...

Thanks Aberdeener. Today's Asbury Park Press had an editorial on this subject.

Anonymous said...

Does the downtown and the transit village ever get discussed at these council meetings? Those would seem to be more important topics than vendor ordinances.

matawan advocate said...

Anonymous, All are very important topics. Obviously, you missed last night's meeting. The Mayor held discussions with the Boro Attorney and the Boro Administrator regarding updating the business licensing procedures in the Borough. By doing so new businesses would be encouraged to open in Matawan.

The current Borough Council has a difficult job bringing the Borough up to date. As we have said previously, Rome wasn't built in a day and the Council is taking the necessary steps to bring us up to date.

Thanks for your question.

Anonymous said...

I read our over all budget spending is down $16,314.fronm last year , Yet we are getting a 4.2% increase in our taxes??? Where did we "LOSE" tax money so that this is Happening,,, MAYBE by the lowering of reassetmens of many homes in town by our internal tax assesor. Some dropping as much as $100,000.?? What a nice gift??So the rest of us must pick up the TAB.!

matawan advocate said...

Anon2, Yes the municipal budget is down $16,000+/-, but that is not the issue. On the revenue side, the Borough again was decreased in State Aid even with the $105,000. in extraordinary aid received. We applaud the efforts of the Adminstrator, Finance Committee and the CFO, who spent numerous hours providing the State with all the data required.

As to the Tax Assessor, based on what we know anyone who pursues a reassessment goes to the County or the State Tax Court. True, the Borough Tax Assessor may resolve some of these prior to it reach the County Appeal, but we cannot believe it would effect our tax rate to any degree.

Let's remember that the 2009 Budget is also working from 2 years of approximately $300,000+/- of overspending.

Let's hope it doesn't happen again this year. We encourage you to be vigilant and not to hesitate to contact our elected officials to question the Bill List. Remember they are spending your tax dollars. Let's keep them in check and keep our budget out of the RED!

Thanks for your comments. We hope we answered your questions.

Anonymous said...

You seem to have an inside of what happening , Go to the Tax assesor and ask him/or her, what was the TOTAL amount of lowering the assestments that HE or She. Granted without going to the County level!! you will be Amazed!! This should be an issue!