Monday, April 6, 2009

Workshop, Borough Council Meeting 4-7-09 at 7pm

Reconvene Workshop meeting of 3-31-09, tonight at 7pm. It will be followed by another Workshop meeting. After which the Regular Borough Council meeting will be held. A rather ambitious Agenda for one evening. Without political posturing, we look forward to seeing the Workshops move quickly and the Borough Council making progress.

Will the Council continue with the Police Dept. Budget as the Chief wasn't feeling well at the last Special Meeting? We look forward to hearing what cuts the Police Dept. could make, if any.

Workshop agenda highlights:

An ordinance introduction to exceed the Municipal Budget Appropriation limits and to establish a Cap Bank.

2009 Budget Introduction for the fiscal year.

Workshop Discussions:
Hooray! At long last Matawan will be discussing and voting on a Resolution to retain a Part Time Business Administrator. With our current Budget constraints....a good move!

Property Maintenance Ordinance - For all of the residents who maintain their property, we are assuming (hopefully not like the Bad News Bears movie) this ordinance will enforce and/or create guidelines for property owners to follow. We all are tired of property owners who let their property become storage bins for their junk/garbage.

Extension of 4 day work week

Employee Time Records

General discussion on Recreation Ordinance

Gas & Municipal Vehicles Usage

Council Meeting Agenda

Resolution to Retain Part-Time Business Administrator

Resolution Honoring our Troops and "Support our Troops Day"

Resolution for the Borough of Matawan for a Regional Feasibility Study Grant

Mill Road Sewer Extension (finally)

Bond Ordinance providing an appropriation of $200,000. for Improvements to the Water Treatment Plant. Issuance of $200,000. Bonds or Notes of the Borough for Financing Part of the Appropriation.

It appears that the Council is making progress. Can't help but wonder what Matawan could have accomplished had we not had to make up for the Budget deficits of the last few years. Oh well......

Hope to see you at the meeting......


Anonymous said...

Can you explain the property maintanence ordinance? I think it's long overdue and don't understand these people who have zero pride in the appearance of their homes, but how do you force someone to maintain their property?

matawan advocate said...

We are assuming this item pertains to residential property ownership.
This is a particular pet peeve of ours. If you own a home why not take pride in it! Why cause your neighbors to lose the value in their homes?

We have seen the Borough mow property owners' lawns when it has been neglected. The cost of which is to be borne by the homeowner. We think property upkeep requirements are long overdue in Matawan. One unkept home on a street brings down the value of all the homes in the area. Currently, there seems to be no enforcement. We would like to see this changed. With the current economy our home values have gone down significantly, no fault of ours. Keeping our homes orderly and clean we can control. If you recall some of the churchs in the area have programs to assist homeowners to maintain their properties. Not for the lazy, but for those who really require assistance. We commend the people who volunteer to help their neighbors and encourage supporting their efforts. Sorry for the lengthy reply, but this is one of our concerns in the Borough that we can control.

We will check into the Ordinance and get back to you following the meeting.

Thanks for your comments.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the response. Sounds like a good idea. Along those lines, the town should set up some clean up activities not just for homeowner property but township property. The area around the trainstation is in serious need of a clean up. While waiting for a train the other day I noticed all the garbage around the station.

Lake Matawan and the stretch of Aberdeen road by the creek is in need of a clean up as well. I still don't know why the town doesn't take advantage of the lake and the creek. These should be cleaned up and the town should create access to these areas. Trails, docks, etc.

Anonymous said...

Taking quite a long time to hire patriot consulting again.

matawan advocate said...

Anonymous, Re: Patriot Consulting.
What Budget year does that reference? What did it cost?

It would seem to me if the Borough Dept Heads make cuts themselves (as has been done) we do not require Patriot's services for this year. Without all the facts, it is only supposition.

Await your answers. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Patriot Consulting Group prepared our entire municipal budget, slashed our tax increase from 34 cents to 3 cents and improved our Borough's efficiency--all at once!"
[ Matawan Mayor Paul Buccellato

Taken from the Patriot Consulting Website

matawan advocate said...

Read it on the website too. It doesn't say what year, nor does it say if Buccellato was Mayor at the time.

Now that we have a Borough Administator, Bill Garafolo,let's give him a chance. He certainly was knowledgeable at last night's Council meeting.

Kurtis said...


Kurtis said...

Please give the info and background about the outside firm that has been hired.

matawan advocate said...

Kurtis, No outside firm was hired. Matawan hired a part time Boro Administrator, William Garofolo. Previously, we had a full time B.A. who was paid salary & benefits. The move to part time will provide a cost savings to the Borough.

Patriot was a firm hired by the Boro several years ago. Believe the comment made by Mayor Buccellatto referred to work done years ago.

Trust that answers your question.
Thanks for writing in...

Anonymous said...

It would be wonderful to see the town have a maintenance ordinance, especially since it is a historic district. The old Fisher home at 4 Fountain Avenue is a great example. Built in 1878, it's a historic home that is deeply connected to Matawan's past (the birthplace and home of Stanley Fisher who died in the shark attacks of 1916.) The home has been horrifically subdivided, now it sits abandoned and rotting. If the owner is out to spit in the face of the Matawan Historical Society and the town's past, he's done a stupendous job!

newtothetownayear said...

Would they have to hire someone for this job when they have no money. Why don't we just get swallowed up by Aberdeen already. We share their rec director and an inspector don't we. I am new to the blog and its examples of our towns problems. So if I am a little wrong don't jump down my throat.

matawan advocate said...

First and foremost, welcome to Matawan. We hope you enjoy our little corner of the world.

Now on to business. Matawan previously had a full time Borough Administrator with benefits. Now we have a part timer with no benefits. A big savings. Matawan does not share a Recreation Director. Our Recreation Director is part time. Don't know of an inspector that Matawan shares with Aberdeen. If you want to see our Borough in action, come to a Borough Council meeting. You can observe or comment to the Council members who are voting on spending your tax dollars.

Again welcome and thanks for writing in.

matawan advocate said...

Re: Fisher home. It is sad to see this home falling into disrepair. Instead of the Matawan Alliance saving for a monument, putting that money to restoring the Stanley Fisher home would be a significant memorial. As the Matawan Alliance is a private organization we residents have no say in what they do with the money.

The property maintenance ordinance passed had nothing to do with homeowner's maintaining their property. It was State mandated and referred to foreclosures/abadoned homes and grass cutting.