Thursday, April 23, 2009

Matawan Borough Council Meeting 4/23 at 7:30pm

Tonight's Council meeting will include a vote for an Ordinance to prohibit elected officials from doing work for the Borough for compensation. This is a long time coming. It will be the 3rd reading of this Ordinance and will be voted on tonight. We conclude it is wrong for a member of the Borough Council to perform work for the Borough. It smacks of impropriety. We want to see this Ordinance passed. Let us see our Council "do the right thing." If you are interested in clean government you might want to attend tonight's meeting.

There are much more important items to be dealt with by this Council. For example, the Water Treatment Plant, the dams and lakes of Matawan, Transit Village coupled with Downtown Revitalization, dealing with the deficit Budget, planning for future Budgets, making our Parks handicapped accessible to name just a few.

Sorry folks due to a computer malfunction the rest of this post has been deleted. Now to work on it.

Hope to see at the meeting......


Anonymous said...

Hey Advocate don't you think residents as well as business owners would be willing to make donations to matawan if it meant improvements to the downtown area? I know the budget is in bad shape, but if the town started a drive for donations for improvements to the infrastructure (lamp posts, flowers, trees, banners, new signs, parking spots, etc) I'd be willing to make a donation. Not only does Matawan need some new businesses but it needs a serious makeover. I wouldn't open a business in a town that looks the way downtown matawan looks right now.

Anonymous said...

I think that is a great idea. The town I grew up in recently did the same thing and transformed a blighted area of the buisnes district. They ran 5k's and other fund raisers to replace the sidewalks, lampposts, etc

matawan advocate said...

Afraid the business owners have been hit hard enough by other organizations. The Matawan Recreation Commission will be planting flowers in the pots along Main St. This is a budgeted item. You are welcome to come and help plant flowers. Understand the Recreation Commission is looking for volunteers. Joe Altomonte is the Recreation Director and can be reach at the Community Center.

If you look around the Borough you will note new signs for the Parks in Matawan are being installed.

Keep in mind Matawan's Park are not handicap accessible. This seems to us to be more important than pretty signs. Don't get us wrong the signs are a step in the right direction. But if one child does not have access to the park what good is a sign telling them where they cannot play.

Thanks for writing in.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a terrific idea. If flowers are 'budgeted', then perhaps we attempt to raise money for things that aren't in the budget but need improvement around here. From my perspective, the people in charge of this town don't appear to be in any kind of rush to make improvements to the downtown, maybe the citizens and business owners need to step up.

matawan advocate said...

The people in charge of this Borough are restricted by a deficit Budget. If you recall all Borough Depts were asked to cut their budgets further. Applications for Grants (free money) are being processed.

The property owners in Matawan cannot handle any more increases to their taxes. When you say "we" who are you referencing? There are groups that welcome volunteers in place. The Matawan Recreation Commission, Matawan Historical Society to name a few. Rather than have many splinter groups why not join an existing volunteer group?

In a perfect world the Borough would have lots of money and would be able to proceed with the Transit Village/Downtown Revitalization Plan.

The Matawan Historical Society has been working on a uniform sign ordinance for the Borough. If you noticed the Borough signs are not cohesive. Did you know that neon signs in store windows are not permitted? Go down Main St and see how many stores have them. There does not seem to be any enforcement.

Keep us posted on your efforts. If we can assist in any way, please let us know.