Monday, February 2, 2009

Planning and Zoning Board Meeting 2/2/09 7:30pm

If you care about one of Matawan's historic treasures, you want to attend tonight's Planning & Zoning Board. The Agenda has not been published on the Borough website. Going back in the meeting minutes we found 226 Main St. was to be on the Agenda for the February 2, 2009 meeting. The beloved "Big Blue House" on Main Street has caused much concern in Matawan. Do we want to see this historical home become another "commercial" property and lose its historical significance to Matawan? We don't think so.

There are two matters that cause us some concern. Firstly, Kevin Mendes at the December meeting of the P&Z Board made a motion to accept the application of 32 Main Street. On the surface this doesn't look like much. However, this property is right next door to Mr. Mendes' family owned business, Key Auto Body. It is known that Mr. Mendes handles the parking lot for Vic Scudieri's property down the street. Now if the property at 32 Main Street will have commuter parking, will Mr. Mendes possibly be working for the property owners at 32 Main St. Sounds a little fishy. Maybe we are just thinking too much. But then again while Chairman of the Police Dept Committee, Mr. Mendes' family owned business did maintain the TOWING CONTRACT for Matawan. Does anyone else see a conflict of interest?

Second issue, the neglect of the Planning & Zoning Board to publish their Agenda for each meeting is a disservice to Matawan. The last published Agenda was April 2008. How else are residents of Matawan to know when important issues are being heard? Whoever is responsible for getting the Agenda on the website is not doing their job! Let's start out this new year with up to date meeting minutes and agendas.

Hope to see you at the P & Z meeting.......


Anonymous said...

The present owner of the house on main street has the right to tear it down and build something new on the same property. I guess people who oppose the renovation and a business in that house would rather have that?????

Steve said...

I live in Aberdeen just down the street form the blue house, I would like to see it stay what it is.
But some of the comments in the above are misleading. Key Auto Body is no where near this property, in fact its miles down the road. Stop with personal agendas and publish facts.