Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Big Blue House-

We have been informed the application to rezone the "Big Blue House" from residential to commercial has been denied.

More information will be provided as it becomes available.


Anonymous said...

Yes! Leave the big blue house alone. Matawan has such a rich history and it's been destroyed form the 1970's on....tearing down historic homes and letting others rot to pieces. Would someone please save Stanley Fisher's house at 4 Fountain Avenue? It was built in 1878 by sea captain Watson Fisher for his bride. It was here that Stanley was born and lived until the day (July 12, 1916) he was attacked by the shark in Matawan Creek. If Matawan wants a memorial to the victims (aka - Shark Fest), save Stanley's house!

matawan advocate said...

We have heard about the Stanley Fisher home. Think you have a good idea about the memorial to the victims of the shark attack. The Matawan Alliance is the group running the Shark Fest and have been collecting money for the memorial. Perhaps you should contact them with your suggestion. Although it is a mystery as to how much they have collected. To date they have refused to open their books to the public. In previous years Matawan Borough has donated funds to the Matawan Alliance. We still don't understand how they could accept taxpayer monies and refuse to open their books.

Thanks for your idea and comment. Great idea. We must protect Matawan's historic treasures.

Anonymous said...

Great idea about a memorial to the shark attack victims. What about a park in the center of your town next to the creek that has a memorial? That would seem to be a good idea and create some nice green space right in the center of town. It's just too bad we have a quick check and a liquor store on the area next to the creek. Then we have a 7 eleven right across the street next to a lake. Great use of your natural resources there Matawan! Whoever came up with those two ideas is a moron!