Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Home Team 5, Visitors 1

That was the vote last night after much blah, blah, blah. By siding with his wife, Councilman Mullaney was the only member to vote against the Girls Softball field. Councilman Mullaney stated there was a meeting at his home where he and his wife met with various people who disagreed with the Councilman and his wife. Mrs. Mullaney and the Councilman disagree with the Borough's safety experts on placement of the softball field. If the Council represents the people of Matawan, as Councilman Mullaney stated, and the majority of the people wanted the softball field then after considering all the facts, i.e., Matawan's safety experts findings, then why wouldn't you vote for it? Councilman Mullaney wouldn't disagree with his wife, that's why! Councilman Cannon stated, in his opinion Mrs. Mullaney wanted the Babe Ruth League to let the girls softball league share the field, end of story. Now the Recreation Commission's volunteers do a great job donating time and energy. However, when a Councilman's wife takes advantage of the privilege of the floor with endless belaboring of her position, it is time for someone to say enough! Congratulations to the Girls Softball League, Babe Ruth League and all their supporters for bringing this matter to the attention of the Council. Hope to see you all at the field.....

Councilman Bunyon reported he attended a Seminar on Redevelopment. He stated it was very informative and that some ideas used in Collingswood could be implemented for Matawan's Redevelopment program. Of course, nothing can be done until Aberdeen's Developer Silver Oaks v. Matawan appeal is heard.

Councilman Mendes reported that the Matawan Police/Court Building is in major disrepair. He found the conditions to be deplorable. Hellooooooooooooooooooo, tell us something we don't know.

Councilman Cannon announced that the State in an email that very afternoon announced a cut to State Aid to Matawan of $200,000. Corzine is really hitting small municipalities hard. Kudos to the CFO and Councilman Cannon for their hard work on the Budget. Cannon also mentioned an extensive Road Program projection. Sounds good, but how can we pay for it. Unlike grants, bonds have to be paid back. Quite frankly, after we see the Budget increase, the Road Program may have to be cutback.

As an observation, Councilman Mullaney abstained on the vote for the payment of bills. Due to the fact that Mullaney Tires did some work for the Borough. Question, Councilman isn't that a conflict of interest? Afterall, you were going to bring an action against Councilman Cannon over the softball field. What's the expression what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Time for Mullaney to stop doing work for the Borough.

Mayor Buccellato appointed to the Special Events Committee, Councilwoman Linda Clifton and resident representative Agnes Falk. With the current financial crisis. doesn't look like the committee will have anything to recommend to the Council.

We would like to see the Council members review the agenda prior to the meetings. It doesn't seem too much to ask. We have witnessed over and over again Council members who claim they don't have documents, didn't get the email, haven't had time to review issues, therefore tabling items on the agenda. Instead of stonewalling Mayor Buccellato they should try to work together for Matawan. Isn't that why we voted them into office. Oh well, November will be here before you know it.

If the Council can't dazzle us with brillance, they should not try to baffle us with bullshit!


Karen said...

Wait a minute, Mullaney gets work from the borough for his private business? Why? Is that an additional perk he gets from being councilman? I am not comfortable with this. I'm sure there are other garages in town or in Aberdeen we can use. Not liking the sound of this!

matawan advocate said...

Welcome Karen. That's right, that is why he abstained from voting. Don't know how it happened but will check into it.

mrsbbradley said...

Here is an article about the subject of Mr. Mullaney and how he is ending this sort of thing:

Sounds like he is trying to do the right thing.

matawan advocate said...

Welcome Mrs. B. Bradley.
Councilman Mullaney is a man of many contradictions. He says one thing and does another. First he lined his pockets, then he gives an interview to Jim Purcell's Blog saying he opposing it. Is it he opposes it for everyone else, but not himself. We don't read that Blog as Purcell has banned us from commenting.

How can you stop Council members from working for the State or County governments. People with families have to earn a living. It would certainly eliminate many professionals from serving their Community. Like the saying goes, "physician heal thyself." It applies to Councilman Mullaney. This is the same Councilman who objected to Councilman Cannon voting on the girls softball field citing Title 9and a conflict of interest. In the meantime last year he sponsored a resolution and voted yes to make a donation to the Boy Scouts knowing full well they discriminate. When he was reminded of that fact, he stated who said the Boys Scouts discriminate? The answer was the Supreme Court of the United States!

If you pay attention to what he does it is alot of smoke and mirrors. Research for yourself, don't believe everything you read or hear. And that includes this Blog.

Thank you for commenting.

Anonymous said...

What are they going to do send the business to his brother in aberdeen. This guy is killing me. He thinks he can do whatever he wants and come out smelling like roses in the end. I hope that this year goes quick and everyone realizes what is going on here. Total control without it he will never survive.

matawan advocate said...

We believe that people are becoming more aware of his antics. Never underestimate the power of the people!