Thursday, March 13, 2008

Former Mayor Mary Aufseeser Guilty or Not Guilty?

In Wednesday's Asbury Park Press and The Independent the residents of Matawan were informed that Matawan's hiring of professionals, i.e. engineers, planners, auditors and borough attorney were flawed. We suggest you read the articles and judge whether or not the former Mayor, Mary Aufseeser along with any Council Members who participated should pay the Borough for the monies that was misspent.

Aufseeser could not be reached for comment. Councilman Mullaney stated, "It's a pretty delicate situation." and "It wouldn't be proper for me to speak." Why not? It is time for the people responsible to step up to the plate and be accountable. Pay the Borough back the expended monies for the second and third request for RFQ's. Fess up, pay back, learn from your mistakes and move on. Any member of the Council who worked with Aufseeser on this matter should be held accountable. It doesn't matter what your party affiliation is, it was wrong for Aufseeser to interview attorneys after losing the Special Election. Have to agree with Mayor Buccellato the Democrats exposed the Borough to lawsuits. They should have known better.

Mayor Buccellato, in a statement said, "The timing of the presentation to the council and myself was done late when most residents left the meeting." "Given the short time I had to review the resolution, if there is an allegation placing blame on the former mayor, there really should be some sort of investigation."

Misspending of Borough funds should always be recovered and wrongdoing should be addressed, in order to prevent this type of spending from happening again.

What do you residents say? Do you think Aufseeser along with any council member who participated, should pay back Matawan? Do you think she did this on her own? If so, why do you think she would have done it? She had already lost the election.


Anonymous said...

Nope, she had nothing to do with it. Just like the committee's, they thought, get there people in where they wanted before the mayor was ousted in the election. Pick there professionals before the mayor was ousted in the election. What is the reason? The majority is begining to get weak. It was obvious at the last meeting with the softball field vote. I feel that Cannon and Malley have had a gut full of most of Mullaney's B.S. Newcomers Mendes and Bunyon have not figured it out yet. Better question. Who will be the next borough attorney? Bet its not Menna. Mr. Menna is a proven success story in Red Bank. Yet Matawan is going to bounce him. Why? Cause he tells them how it is. Yet, they don't listen. Who will replace him? Check the donations to the local and county Democratic committee's, there you will find your answer. Any council member involved in this illegal action should forfeit there stipend for this year immediately.

Anonymous said...

Only three thoughts:

1. There are currently several former Monmouth County politicians in the pokey for illegal acts involving only $1,000. Ya gotta think that these illegal antics cost more than that.

2. Don't do the crime if you cant do the time.

3. I bet Aufseeser's "Pucker Factor" is through the roof.

matawan advocate said...

Unfortunately, Aufseeser did have something to do with it. Misguided perhaps, but as the Resolution stated she did it without the consent of the Council. If anyone influenced her, she could have said NO.
Forfeiture of stipends would be one way to pay back the Borough.

A wild guess for this fiasco would be around $1,000. First an investigation would have to reveal wrongdoing by sitting Council members. Remember the law states you are innocent until proven guilty.

Certainly an investigation should be forthcoming.

Anonymous said...

You are correct she may have had something to do with it, just not knowingly. Definately misguided by the "Boss" on the far right.

taxpayer said...

There is no doubt that something took place that can only have a negative effect on the performance of this governing body and its responsibility to the taxpayer. At any level if there is a question of impropriety we should have an investigation to prove who's guilty but also to clear the innocent. The power of politics is tearing this town apart and it seams one person on the council has the biggest hammer. That brings into question with all the formentioned questions including your blog archives, WHY? When we look at all the corruption that has taken place around the area, one wonders about this little town? An investigation with a big shovel to dig real deep is only fitting, as it is always the taxpayer who loses. Take away all the perks,benifits,stipends, salaries and see who stays for the sake of the town and taxpayers! The Attorney General sounds like a good start!

Anonymous said...

I think the previous Republican Mayors and Council persons should repay the borough for "all" the LOST LAW suits they incurred!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

is it true blog owner is mouth piece for New Mayor??? not publishing any against him??

matawan advocate said...

Re: Previous Council lawsuits:
If any previous Council member did something wrong then why weren't they investigated and charged? If you know of a situation that occurred and can prove it report it to the authorities. Otherwise, you are just gossiping.

As to the writers of this Blog, our concerns are what is in the best interests of Matawan. The current Mayor is not the majority party on the Council and has limited powers. Mayor Buccellato only gets to vote if there is a tie. Perhaps you should attend some Borough Council meetings so you can properly assess the situation. If you have any comments on Mayor Buccellato by all means your comments are welcome. The Mayor as well as any resident of Matawan may comment on this Blog. Although to our knowledge he has never done so.

Are you saying Mary Aufseeser would have been a better Mayor? Even though members of her own political party accuse her of acting without the consent of the Council and costing taxpayers unneccesary expenditures?