Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Letter from Rob Clifton, Freeholder

Saw an interesting message from Rob Clifton. After reading all the negative press he has received on the pay to play issue, thought I'd share what he has to say. Better to hear it from the "horses mouth" as the old saying goes. Hope he doesn't mind my sharing on this blog. It is my hope to share his side of the story.

A Message from Freeholder Rob Clifton 07/19/2007
Dear Fellow Republicans,
Many of you have been reading in the local newspapers over the past few weeks about pay-to-play (campaign finance reform) at the county level. I would like to give you a brief update of the current progress on this important resolution.
We are making great progress on passing strong pay-to-play reform in Monmouth County and I am optimistic that the end is in sight. I have been meeting with the bi-partisan pay-to-play reform committee to discuss a resolution currently being crafted to put an end to the practices of pay-to-play, wheeling, and out of county special interest money in Monmouth County. After many drafts of resolutions changing hands between both sides I am confident that we will reach an agreement shortly.
I will not understate the importance that this resolution covers all aspects of pay-to-play, wheeling, and out of county special interest money. We have an historic opportunity to set a bi-partisan example by passing a strong comprehensive resolution. It is my hope that with this resolution Monmouth County will be leading the way on all of these important campaign finance reforms which will spur other counties to act. It is also my hope that this will apply pressure on the state to pass a comprehensive statewide ban on pay-to-play, wheeling, and finally end the toxic effect large sums of special interest money have on campaigns.
I will continue to update you on the progress I am making on this important resolution and the results of my ongoing discussions with the bi-partisan pay-to-play reform committee. I am optimistic that we will reach an agreement on a strong comprehensive resolution giving Monmouth County the strongest most comprehensive pay-to-play, anti wheeling ban at the county level in New Jersey.
Freeholder Rob Clifton
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