Monday, July 9, 2007

Borough Council Meeting Tues. July 10, 2007

BUDGET 2007 - Does anyone realize that Matawan Borough's Budget has not been adopted? To date the Borough has not received Discretionary Aid from the State of NJ. We residents/taxpayers haven't had the opportunity to register our comments on the 2007 Budget.
Matawan is spending money like a "drunken sailor." With all due respect to Sailors, they more than anyone know what that means! Matawan has to stop any additional spending until the budget is adopted and the taxpayers know what to expect! It is the job of the municipality to be frugal using our tax dollars. According to Mayor Aufseeser her goal has been to stabilize taxes to the greatest extent possible. HELLO! The Mayor has failed with an increased Budget for 2007 of $1.4 million dollars over the 2006 Budget. And still spending. Matawan should have a running sign showing how much is spent every second by the Municipality. You know like they have in Times Square for the Federal Budget.
Mayor Aufseeser seems to enjoy dressing up and playing Mayor, but does not have the qualifications or knowledge to be Mayor. This ain't no dress rehearsal. Sadly, Mayor Aufseeser can't even control the Borough Council meetings. Your Honor the gavel is on the right hand side and should be used to gain order. Please use it.
The Matawan Recreation Department is going through some changes. Word has it that Councilwoman Debra Buragina will be appointed Chairperson for the Recreation Committee. Councilman Michael Cannon is set to resign or has resigned. Following the ranting and raving of Mrs. Mary Mullaney at the last Council meeting it is no wonder he is resigning! Thanks go to Mr. Cannon for a good effort. Good luck to Councilwoman Buragina.
The Matawan Alliance is requesting Raffle Licenses for all of their events. This organization planted all the flowers you see on Main Street, ran the Canoe Festival and is trying to bring business to our Downtown area. A commendable goal! We are anxious to hear what they intend on doing with the raffle money. Do the expenses paid for by taxpayer dollars for these events cost less than the money taken in for the Community?
Now for some good news.....Union Street Phase I is currently underway. The Contractor appears to be doing a good job. Observations on the weekend were the work area was left in a neat, orderly manner with a minimum of tracking. We'd like to see them wet down the site to reduce the dust, thus reducing tracking. However, if it would mean an additional cost or an extra for the Contractor, we will live with it.
Last but not least, the Meeting Minutes for 2006-2007 have not been entered on the Matawan Borough website. For the record the Minutes of June 20, 2006, (that's right folks 2006) are ready to be approved by the Council on July 10, 2007. Are you kidding me? Do we have to file a complaint to get these minutes up to date and published on the website? It is a disgrace and dereliction of duty by the Borough Administrator and Borough Clerk. Questions about a previous Borough Council Meeting, good luck trying to get a copy of the minutes. Is this any way to run a Borough!
Updates will be posted following Council meeting.
Portions of the information shared is based on fact and some is opinion. Trusting you can tell the difference, til next time,
Matawan Advocate

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