Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Matawan - Borough in Conflict

“If an intelligent person is betrayed repeatedly, and humiliated publicly, yet chooses to remain in that situation, one must ask: what are the rewards?” Gail Sheehy Vanity Fair (February 1999)

This quote is reminiscent of the situation that Councilman Cannon faces with the Recreation Committee and the rumors of his resigning from that Committee.

The last few Borough Council meetings have been more like a World Wrestling Federation Show than a Municipal government working to better our Community. One of the problems at this meeting was the Recreation Committee and its members. Expressions like, out of control, the lunatics are running the asylum, and Peter's principle of let everyone rise to the level of their own incompetence come to mind. Councilman Michael Cannon who chairs the Recreation Committee has been undermined by his own Committee. Mary Mullaney, Delegate of the Recreation Committee, member of the Matawan Alliance, wife of Councilman "Bud" Mullaney Mother of Councilwoman Meghan Mullaney and Committee member Michael Mullaney, made a "supposed" statement after the meeting had been closed. That wasn't a misprint there are 2 Council Mullaneys and 2 Committee member Mullaneys. Mayor Aufseeser chose not to control the meeting (no surprise here) and let Mrs. Mullaney speak, speak, speak and speak more. This meetings target by Mrs. Mullaney was Councilman Cannon. Councilwoman Buragina responded passionately to Mrs. Mullaney's statements, saying the program was for the children and to reject children already enrolled would hurt the families. Councilman Cannon agreed that it would be a disservice to the children. The vote to keep the children in the program for this year was agreed to by Councilwoman Buragina, Councilman Cannon, Councilman Buccellato with Mayor Aufseeser casting the deciding vote. Councilwoman Mullaney voted with her father Councilman Mullaney and Councilman Malley against. Has anyone else noticed these three never vote independently. Councilwoman Mullaney abstains from voting when it comes to Police matters. However, she is the Chairperson of the Personnel, Finance and Education Committee. It appears that the Mullaneys think they run this Borough! No they think they own this Borough! WRONG! We the people, are the Borough.

The Borough Council voted to allow the children registered for the Summer program to remain in the program. However, the Council did vote to revise the rules for this program as they are outdated. This revision should be in place for next year's program. It is good to see that Matawan DID THE RIGHT THING! Thank you Councilwoman Buragina, Councilmen Buccellato and Cannon, and Mayor Aufseeser for standing by your convictions.

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