Thursday, June 7, 2007

Matawan Boro Council Mtg Tonight at 7:30pm

Several matters are of interest. Union Street is still waiting to be repaired and improved. Sources say the vote is tonight for funds. Keep in mind residents of Union Street that only Phase I is being done. That's from Aberdeen Road to Danielle Drive. The Borough Council aka "the powers that be" have neglected to get this Phase done in a timely fashion and lost the grant (FREE MONEY) for Phase II. And who gets penalized.....Union Street residents that's who. Phase II 2008 Road Program for Union Street has been kicked off the program until 2009. While residents have petitioned the Council last year and complained at just about each meeting, it not only fell on deaf ears but has been totally ignored. Yes, Councilman Michael Cannon did speak of possibly combining two phases. However, logistically he knew by past experience that wasn't going to happen when he said it. Don't know about anyone else but I for one am tired of the lip service we get from the Council. Remember this at election time. Of course, if you are happy with the current circumstance, stay home and continue with complacency. The current administration is counting on you not to get involved. They will continue to spend your hard earned tax dollars as only the incompetent can. However, if you care just come to one meeting. Believe me it will be an enlightening, eye opening experience.

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