Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Matawan Advocate

Matawan is in transition at this time. Attending Borough Council meetings has taught me a lot about our Borough and its politics. I was amused to read The Inside Clamdigger Blog and reply to Mr. Purcell's update as follows:

Were we at the same meeting? The vote was for the Bond Attorney Agreement. The appointment of Gibbons, Del Deo, Dolan, et al was made at the Jan. 1, 2007 meeting and voted on unanimously by the Council. The residents of Matawan want the best for our Borough. The spreading of misinformation can only hinder our progress. Be a part of the solution not the problem.


All said...

I thought it only fair since Mr. Purcell decided to delete his original thoughts on Democratic Mayor Aufseeser, that I repost them for all to see. Any bona fide editor knows that too much editing will change your story completely which in fact was his intention. How did Mr. Purcell find out that Mary was on the fence regarding the agreements? Is this all just a ploy with Mr. Purcell helping to get her bumped off this year's ticket so someone else who really really wants to be mayor can do so with a little help from some "friends"?

It is rumored that Matawan Mayor Mary Aufseeser, a Democrat, is going to lobby for this firm. Does that have meaning? I think so if it's true. Where does it go? Let's see.

I am not a believer in parties, generally speaking, but the appointment of an apparent Democratic adversary by a Democratic mayor means something in politics. Most prominently, it means that they are not only failing to line up with their party, but are actually working with a faction of another, adversarial party. With so many law firms to choose from in New Jersey, or even the East Coast, the appointment of any specific law firm usually means there is an alliance. If a Democrat has an alliance with Peter Carton, then it is good to know. It speaks volumes about what the office holder intends to do with their office and if, indeed, they are lined up on the right side of the field. If one is a Republican, then be a Republican. If one is a Demcorat, then be a Democrat. If someone doesn't know what they are, then be Independent. But whatever an office holder is doing, they should know what it is they are doing at all times. Ignorance is the sloppiest excuse ever given for either not having homework or appointing bond counsels.

It is my understanding that the mayor probably does not have the majority of the majority for this vote. But it will be an interesting drama nonetheless that will play out tonight at 7:30 p.m. at the Community Center, in Matawan.


Well "All," there are a handful of professional firms that have turned this county into the sewer of corruption that it is.

Whether a firm has actively promoted it, as some have, or have allowed its employees to run riot, it amounts to the same.

It is easy to line up with the money. It was Democrats that lined up against Sen. John Lynch in Monmouth to stop corruption, not Republicans who he bought. It is Democrats who are trying to stop the GOP from bonding towns into oblivion. It is Democrats who have not sold out their conscience for a quick buck.

ELEC reports don't lie. Appointments and campaign backing, numbers for pensions and the record of two decades does not go away because some wants to "think positive" about lollypop trees and gummy bears.