Friday, February 23, 2007


That is the question for the day! When questioned from the podium Councilman “Bud” Mullaney at the last Borough Council Meeting retorted, “Did you vote for me?” Is that a prerequisite to accountability in Matawan? It is if you want answers from Councilman “Bud” Mullaney. He certainly was not anyone’s “buddy” that night, that is unless you voted for him. Don’t they have curtains on the voting booths? Wasn't Mullaney violating a constituent's constitutional right? He most certainly was out of line. The whole fiasco was prompted by the following facts:

At a recent Redevelopment meeting, members of the Borough Council advised by Borough Attorney, P. Menna, not to discuss The Matawan Transit Village until the 45-day appeal period is completed. All members complied at that meeting. However, an editorial appeared in the Courier the same day as the Redevelopment meeting. Which prompted the question of was it improper for Councilman Mullaney to speak with the press first.

Some of the comments from the dias were, he was misquoted, who was Jim Purcell, and I don't read the Courier, blah blah, blah. Pursuing a response from Mullaney proved to be fruitless. Finally, Councilman Mullaney said I owe you nothing. On the contrary, Councilman Mullaney, you will be accountable to the taxpayers, residents, constituents, regardless of whether they voted for YOU or not! Jim Purcell, who wrote the editorial, was in the audience and suddenly left only to re-enter later. How convenient? Is Councilman Mullaney interested in his own press coverage or the betterment of Matawan Borough? Let's locate a resident who is willing to waive his/her constitutional right in public and admit they voted for Councilman Mullaney to get answers.
Councilman Mullaney, this is a government by the people and for the people!

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Only the Union Ave witch would want to know so she can't take her broom to Mullaney auto service!!