Thursday, June 4, 2009

Borough Council Council Workshop/Meeting at 6:30pm 6/4/09

The long hot days of Summer will soon be upon us. Well, there will be no rest for our Borough Council. Tough decisions, tougher financial issues, tough problems face our Borough Council. We trust they are up for the challenges, oops, isn't that why we elected them! Isn't that why we will continue to re-elect them? We don't want lip service from our Council, we want officials who worry more about Matawan and Matawan's future and can fight the tough fight.

Workshop begins at 6:30pm tonight followed by the regular Council meeting. On the Agenda is the Police Department 150 Main St. along with hiring of a Class II Special. The Special involves spending money, obviously, adding to the Department. What is up for discussion about 150 Main St, Police Dept. Bldg? We all know it needs work, we all know our Police Force deserve a better facility, what we don't know is where are we getting the money....bonds? How can we further tax the already overburdened taxpayers? Isn't that how the previous Democratic majority got us into our current situation, with deficit spending? The Mayor and the Republican majority now is trying to curb spending and get Matawan back on the road to sound financial decision making. Remember when Mayor Buccellato pleaded with the Democratic majority to curb spending over and over again. He urged them to look at the big picture, project for the future, prioritize the needed from the mandatory. Well now it is mandatory to cut spending. Being a Monday Night Quarterback, was it considered when new computers were purchased for the Police Dept, if it was a needed or mandatory purchase? Could that money have been used for the mandatory improvements to the building at 150 Main St?

As we all face these financial difficult times, as we all have to make tough decisions, as we all have to tighten our belts to live within our means and cut out the needed from the mandatory in our personal Budgets, is it too much to ask that our Municipality do the same.

Next item of interest, Ordinance Prohibiting Elected Officials from Municipal Work. Now doesn't that sound like an oxymoron? Apparently, something or someone has been stalling this Ordinance. Why you ask? Let's just see who doesn't want Matawan to have a Pay to Play Ordinance and why? Guess we will see tonight. More on this tomorrow.

The regular meeting items of interest - Public hearing expansion of Bart's Continental Cuisine. Bart's is an old established business in Matawan. They are not only a Gem in our community but make many contributions through fundraisers for charities. They have not abandoned Matawan. Cannot see any reason for anyone to object to their expansion. We wish them continued success.

Police Dept. - Hiring of Class Two Specials. Needed or Mandatory?

Clerk's Office - Hiring of a Part Time hourly Employee. Needed or Mandatory?

Authorizing Professional Services by T & M Associates for Emergency Repair Water and Sanitary Sewer. Obviously a Mandatory.

Authorizing Professional Services by T & M Associates for Well & High Pump Maintenance. Not sure if needed or mandatory. Aware of the problems our Water system faces, it sounds like mandatory.

Payment of Bills - Nothing on the website. We cannot determine if any elected official has done work for the Borough and is seeking payment.

Hope to see you at tonight's meeting.....


Anonymous said...

Funny I posted a comment and it was never posted. It was about seeing our police officers doing maintenance work on there building. Was it left out for a reason?

matawan advocate said...

Yes, it was. Until Chief Alston addressed the Council at last night's meeting we could not verify the story. Chief Alston asked for help from the Council stating Matawan Police, on their off duty hours were performing maintenance/repairs to the building at 150 Main St.

Thank you for alerting residents to the jeopardy this Borough and its Finest were placed in by performing this work.

More to follow in our follow up on last night's meeting.

Anonymous said...

I highly respect that you would confirm information like that before posting. Although it is still not posted. If you can please post it in the most recent blog possible. Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think pitching in to help even when it's non one's job or responsibility is a sign of community and doing things for the greater good. So often, people only want to do what is expected of them so it's commendable to go above and beyond the call of duty. Cudos!

matawan advocate said...

We agree for any other job. However, using law enforcement trained employees is to the detriment of the Borough and has placed the Borough in jeopardy. Food for thought, in a crisis who would you want to come to your aid, a Police Officer or a maintenance person? We as a community underestimate the value of a "trained", experienced, weapon carrying (and we don't mean a hammer) persons. Whether a Police Officer is off duty is not the question. Injured the Borough will pay for their medical insurance, lost time and possibly a lawsuit in the case of serious injury or worse death. We will lose the services of a law enforcement agent. This is the name of Community spirit...we think not!

Is no one concerned for their safety? If you believe they should be doing maintenance work, then you must also want to strap a weapon on and take their place if injured.

Kudos to the officers who foolishly volunteered to do the work. As for us, we taxpayers want to see them doing their jobs, not maintenance work.

Thanks for your comments.

Anonymous said...

Article about Transit Villages in NJ. Sounds like the economy is stalling some projects. Also sounds like a lot of these towns have plans in place. Would be great see Matawan and Aberdeen come up with a plan one of these days!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of the illness but once again one of my posts was left out. There were my comments on getting rid of the Road Department. I would love to have heard your comments.