Monday, March 23, 2009

6th Annual Fish Fry 4-10-2009 5-8:30pm

Tired of cooking fish on Fridays during Lent, Matawan's Bravest to the rescue.

Washington Engine Company #1 at 176 Jackson Street, Matawan is hosting its 6th Annual Fish Fry on Friday, April 10, 2009 between
5:00 - 8:30pm. Ticket prices are $14.00 Adults and $7.00 children 10 and under. What a great deal!

For ticket information: Call Paul Richards 732 921 2073 or Bob Ziegler 732 620 5651.

Come out and support our Fire-fighters, Matawan's bravest. The price is right. Everyone knows Fire-fiighters are the best chefs! (Keep this between us. We so enjoy the hot dogs when Matawan's Finest (Police) cook on Matawan Day.)


Anonymous said...

Is Matawan one of the 29 "Doughnut hole" towns?

matawan advocate said...

Thanks. Read the article. FYI, Matawan has consolidated services when possible. If you recall, Matawan and Aberdeen were once one. Since the split it has been difficult to have a meeting of the minds when it comes to consolidation.

Some thoughts on consolidation pertain to the Police, Fire & First Aid. Police being one of the largest items in the Budget. Why hasn't NJS taken over these Departments with satellites in each area. On the order of NYC with the services eminating on the local level. Hell, we pay enough taxes. In this way, no one would lose their jobs, simply put the burden on the State. We all use the services in one way or another. Why should the property owners in each borough/township bear the cost?

The Board of Education is prime for consolidation. It is time for NJ to get over the antiquated, "home rule" of the Colonists.

Just a thought.

Thanks again for the article.

Anonymous said...

I agree with certain parts of your response. Police and Fire should be the last of the consolidations if they happen. Fire always respond and Police are one of the most difficult to combine. So many other things could be done prior to these two services. First aid is a crap shoot to get service 24 hours a day. That in my opinion should be one of the first. Just because the police is the largest part of the budget does not mean that it should be the first to go. The personal service means alot and the town is only getting more populated. The downtown night life seems to be getting alot better and the times are getting worse. These rough times only call for more crime.

matawan advocate said...

Perhaps you misunderstood. We want to keep the local Police, Fire and First Aid. Just centralize it under the auspices of the State. Matawan would not reduce the force, the Chief would answer to the State of NJ, with perhaps a Monmouth County Commissioner. The PBA would remain and represent all, only on a Local level.