Thursday, January 29, 2009

Matawan Borough "Responsible Contractor"

Good article in this week's Independent written by reporter, Erin Stattel. If you are interesting in reading a more in depth story about Mayor Buccellato's veto of the "Responsible Contractors Ordinance" check out this article.

One of the statements made by Councilman Mullaney was misleading. He stated he wanted the Mayor reconsider his veto. All Mullaney had to do was respond to each item in the Mayor's veto. Obviously, Mullaney could not provide data. It is a sad day for Matawan when a Councilman thinks he knows more than Matawan's paid Attorneys. It is disconcerting when an elected official would place the Borough in jeopardy by asking our Mayor to go against professional, legal advice.

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